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Connection Service - Terms and Conditions

Connection Service T&Cs
How does the fitting service work?
The fitters will deliver and fit the appliance on the same day.

The prices listed on this page are not fixed prices, only starting prices. If any additional work is required, e.g. Cutting a work surface, then the fitters will adjust the price on the day. We have described some common situations and information that may apply to your appliance below, please make sure you have read and understand these points to avoid an extra charge.

The payment for installation will not be charged at the point of order, it will be charged by the fitter on the day of installation.

Your chosen delivery date will be taken as a preferred delivery date. Although we will always try to honour this selection, we sometimes can not guarantee this date due to the fitters work schedule. In this case we will call you to discuss and attempt to re-arrange your date to suit you.

Postcode areas we cover
Here we list the postcode areas that our fitters cover.

Postcode Map

** Please make sure we cover your area before requesting this installation service.

Around your cooker
The area around your new appliance must be cleared of flammable items or we may not be able to install your cooker/range/hob/oven. We can fit appliances into existing cavities (between cupboards, in cupboards, niches for hobs etc) but the area above the appliance needs to be clear of paper, wood, sockets etc. If you have a cooker hood already installed, it needs to be at least 75cm above the height of your new appliance. So that we can safely fit your new cooker/hob.
75cm gap between cooker and hood
Electricity Rating
Your new appliance may have a different amp rating to your old one, please consider this before purchasing and booking delivery as you may need to arrange an electrical engineer to upgrade the socket where you’re appliance is going to go. To check the amp rating of your new appliance, you can find the information on the product specifications on our site and the user manual that comes with the appliance. To check the electrical set up of your kitchen you can simply look at the sockets. Normal sockets are 13 amps, ones with red on/off switches and lights are 32 amps.
If there isn’t a door or window leading to the outside in your kitchen, there isn’t adequate ventilation for a gas appliance according to gas safety regulations. You may want to think about buying an electric alternative. Many cooking appliances come in a variety of fuel types so you’ll be able to get something you like.
Gas ventilation to window
Gas Supply
We can’t do gas fittings, but here’s some things you can look for to help your gas fitter. Is there a 3 pin socket close to where the cooker/hob/oven will be fitted? Gas appliances still need an electrical connection for the ignition.
Gas supply valve
Hobs Oven cut out install £150
Oven & Hob £140
Dual Fuel Range Cooker £120
Dual Fuel Cookers £90
Built-in Electric Hob £85
Built-in Electric Oven £85
Built-in Gas Hob £85
Built-in Gas Oven £85
Cooker Hoods £85
Integrated Dishwasher £85
Integrated Fridge Freezer £120
Integrated Fridge or Freezer £85
Integrated Washing Machine £85
Integrated Washer/Dryer £85
Integrated Tumble Dryer £85
Gas Free Standing Cooker £80
Electric Free Standing Cooker £80
American Fridge Freezer £120

All installation work will be carried out by TAS (Tom And Sons). The Gas Superstore does not carry out any installation work. The fitters are a recommended company that we support by offering their services. All fitting enquiries must be directed to the fitters directly.