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Fitting Service

What the service includes.

  • We transport the appliance to the desired location within the property and remove any packaging.
  • We then remove any transit bolts or fastenings, and then inspect the product in full.  Checking for marks, and ensuring that any hinges are free moving.
  • We then inspect the requested connections.  Ensuring that they are correct and in proper condition. We cannot hardwire any appliances in.  Any plug sockets must be in good condition and the facia must be complete with no missing or damaged parts.  Any water connection must be to a 3/4 BSP (British Standard Pipe Thread) connection.
  • We then position the appliance checking clearances, stability and levels.
  • We will plug everything in and turn it on before we leave.

The following types of item are not included in the Connection Service.

  • Integrated or built in appliances.
  • Cooking appliances - If we do offer a service this will be given as a separate product.

Please ensure your old appliance has been disconnected and removed from the install location before we arrive (we advise a minimum of a day before the delivery date).  There also must be adequate space for our engineer to work in, free from obstruction or hazard.  Any obstacles must be removed from the install location and the path taken into and through the property.  All flooring must also be protected.  This route must also be big enough for a minimum width totalling that of the appliance plus 20cm from the floor to the height of the appliance.

Any doorways must also be greater than this minimum width.  If a turn is required than the minimum width must be at least 150% the normal* minimum width.

There must be no wires, nails or sharp surfaces exposed that our engineer may risk coming into contact with. If safety equipment is required then this information must be given to our driver before they enter the site*/property**.

Our driver has the right to refuse to complete the installation if they have asset that their or subsequently any other person’s health or safety may be put at risk if they (the driver) continue the installation.

If any of these condition have not been meet prior to, and or during the installation a refund cannot be issued.  If you feel that you will not be able to fulfil the requirements a refund will be issues up to 24 hour before delivery.

* Minimum transport width is calculated by the maximum width of the appliance, plus 20 centimetres. The maximum width is the greater of the two horizontal plans. (depth, width)

** Property is defined by the area that is defined within the deeds property boundaries.

*** Site is defined as an area of construction and or development yet to be completed and subsequently requiring public liability insurance.

Our drivers use their own discretion and are always willing to help, however we do not allow any of our customers to handle or touch the goods until the installation is complete.